Roebuck & Strawberries

This isn't an innovative recipe for the supper club, but a celebration of our allotment and green spaces in Coventry.

My first six months of allotment life have been a resounding success, providing gluts of organic produce to use in the supper club, and a great space to unwind.

The open green spaces offer an opportunity for the keen amateur wildlife spotter to have some interesting encounters. My favourite being on the morning of our grand opening, when a Roebuck visited my allotment, while I was doing some early morning strawberry picking. It's moments like these, that remind me how important it is to show support in protecting the allotments in our city.

By developing a better relationship with the landscape, and losing myself in the simple, but satisfying tasks of the allotment marked a clear reduction in any stress and anxiety I had been feeling.

I would recommend to anyone thinking about giving growing a try, to dive right in.

Food Union is run by the Pod in Coventry and provides a great way for people to get involved with "no experience in gardening necessary". Their work in creating a community garden in the city is outstanding.

Food Union

You can also show your support to Earlsdon allotments by attending the Earlsdon Flower and Produce Show on Saturday, September 7 public viewing from 2.30pm.



Toby Reutt